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Important - By submitting this form you, are agreeing to the following terms:
  • If show is not held, or held for its full duration, for any reason beyond control of the parties having the show, no refund will be issued.
  • As an exhibitor, YOU must be sure each gun is unloaded before it is placed on your table, before allowing anyone to handle it, when any gun is handed to you, or is returned to our table.
  • No ammo in reach of guns that it will fit into.
  • As an exhibitor, YOU will be held responsible for injuries and damage occurring as a result of accidental discharge of the guns on your table.
  • Any publication or video that shows how to violate the law is prohibited, including but not limited to, booby traps, bombs, and terrorist activity unless related to safety and prevention of such.
  • Non-gun and non-knife tables must have prior approval. Gun or knife tables may have up to 10% of non-hunting/sporting items.
  • As an exhibitor, YOU are held responsible for items lost, stolen, or damaged. The loss is YOURS.
  • Observe all firearm laws and regulations. (We have no unusual local or state laws.)
  • YOU are urged for your protection to obtain and furnish identification for all transactions.
  • YOU must sign a Liability Release prior to set up.
  • Not responsible for accidents.
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